Air Therapy

Air is the most vital element for our survival and thus, Air Therapy is considered to be a key towards attaining overall wellbeing. Taking an air bath every day for around 20 minutes with light clothes on has a positive impact on our body. The air therapy plays a pivotal role in retrieving positive energy in the human body and restores the natural strength in the body. Moreover, an air bath becomes more effective by combining it with exercise and cold rub. Breathing therapy also acts prominently in enhancing the effectiveness of air therapy. Though taking deep breaths refreshes the body and improves its resistance, walking on a busy and polluted road would not give you the best outcomes. Thus, it is suggested to not walk around in a polluted area if you want to attain excellent results. 


In the air therapy, the nerve centers, which regulate the circulation, send the blood to the surface in large quantities. The flow of the bloodstream helps to eliminate the morbid matter of the body. 


Apart from soothing and nurturing the inner mechanism of the body, Air therapy also works effectively in the condition of neurasthenia, nervousness, and skin disorders. Air therapy is known to be efficacious on heart health as oxygen is pumped to the heart’s muscles. Besides improving the health of other body organs such as the pancreas, abdomen, lungs, and kidneys, it also ameliorates the digestive system and keeps lethargy at bay.