BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences)

The BNYS Syllabus has been designed to give equal value to yogic science and other Naturopathy Techniques along with the human body and ailment study.  For a basic understanding of the BNYS syllabus, it can be split into four quarters. The first quarter, usually of 18 months focuses on providing knowledge on human anatomy and theoretical studies of Human physiotherapy and other ailments. The second quarter focuses on the microbiological and pathology studies. The third quarter emancipates on various therapeutic methods along with medical studies and the final quarter deals with the application of naturopathy studies in practical applications and scenarios in healing. Certain Universities follow a different course pattern where the curriculum is split into 3, each of 18 months duration. At the end of this course, the students are subjected to a one-year practical internship which will provide them real-time practical knowledge on the subject. The curriculum consists of the following subjects below:

BNYS Subjects:

The following subjects are being pursued in the BNYS course:

BNYS Syllabus
      Year-1 (1.5 Years)
SI NoSubjects
1Human Anatomy-1
2Human Physiology-1
4Human Anatomy-2
5Human Physiology-2
6Philosophy of Nature cure I &
7Philosophy & Practice of Yoga
BNYS Syllabus
SI NoSubjects
1Pathology I & II
2Human Microbiology
3Yoga and Physical Culture-1
4Diagnostic Methods in Naturopath
5Diagnostic Methods in Modern Medicine
6Basic Pharmacology
BNYS Syllabus
SI NoSubjects
1Forensic medicines and toxicology
2Community Medicine
3Psychology & Basic Psychiatry
4Obstetrics & Gynecology
5Yoga & Physical Culture – II
6Nutrition & Herbology
7Massage Chiropractors Osteopathy Aroma and Therapy
BNYS Syllabus
SI NoSubjects
1Yoga Therapy
3Manipulative Therapy
4Chromotherapy & Magneto therapy
5Fasting & Diet Therapy
6Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Reiki & Pranic healing
8Hospital management
9Minor Surgery, First Aid & Emergency Medicine