Chromo Therapy

Since 2,000 B.C, Color has been symbolized as a great medical tool to treat diseases. Having great influence on the mood, colors hold the ability to calm, soothe, excite, and balance our inner self and thus, is considered as one of the best therapeutic modes of treatment. Chromotherapy is an ancient methodology of treatment that uses the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. Chromotherapy is a century-old theory which has been used successfully over the years across the world to cure various diseases. 

There are seven colors of sun rays which are Violet, Indigo, Blue Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. These colors are said to be very effective in the treatment of different diseases. To initiate the process, water and oil are exposed to the sun for certain hours in colored bottles which make colored glasses an efficient procedure for treating different disorders. Colors produce electric impulses and magnetic currents that act as prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal activity in the body, which eventually balance the entire system and its organs.