Diet Therapy

Naturopathic food is usually categorized according to its nature in terms of acidic or alkaline residue in the body. Thus, diet therapy hugely affects the motion and function of various parts of the body and the whole digestive system. Under the diet therapy, there are mainly three types of diet:

Eliminative Diet: Eliminative diet focuses on cleaning the body and thus, elements of food that help the human body rejuvenate come under this category. It usually comes first in diet therapy. In order to clean the entire system, you must set a foundation of health to begin with. The Eliminative diet includes food like lemon water, citric juices, green tea, and so on. 

Soothing Diet: Soothing Diet takes place once the body gets detoxified. It is the second stage where patients are given food with more carbohydrates and calories than the first stage. This diet is specially designed to make the human body habitual to non-toxic food behavior so that the body can start digesting solid food in a better manner. Diet therapy includes food like steamed vegetables, vegetables soup, salads, etc. 

Constructive Diet: Constructive diet is the third and last stage of diet therapy in which the human body starts functioning in a better manner and the diseases which the human body is suffering from may have become less effective by this stage. In this stage, the body is given whole wheat and carbohydrates. The therapy includes food like sprouts, pulses, unpolished rice, etc.