Magnetic therapy is a clinical system that uses magnets for treating diseases. In this therapy, magnets are attached to the body with the help of adhesives or sometimes worn like jewelry. Depending on the prescriptions, the magnets can be attached for a varied length; it can be attached for a few minutes, days, or even weeks. According to the practitioners, the interactions between the body, earth, and other electromagnetic fields lead to physical and emotional changes in humans. The proponents of magnet therapy believe that the disruptions of the body can be treated by the use of a magnet and is very effective in headaches including arthritis, migraines, and stress-related pain. 

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy 

  • Magnetic Therapy works effectively for general well-being 
  • The therapy also alleviates symptoms of pain 
  • It also reduces swelling 
  • It also helps to reduce some symptoms of osteoarthritis 
  • Magnetic therapy is also beneficial in post-up recovering 

Application of Magnetic Therapy 

Being the application of the magnetic field of electromagnetic devices, Magnetic therapy is known for its healing approach and health benefits. It gives excellent results in diseases like Asthma, Heart, Nose, cough and cold, joint pain, spinal problems, stomach pain, lower back pain, chest pain, acidity, spondylitis, Migraine, blood pressure, and weakness.